Thanksgiving extraordinaire

In light of our hectic fall travel calendar, we chose to spend thanksgiving in Durham. Our dear friends Steve and Sam had us over for a magical evening. I contributed a green salad and pumpkin pie. Joey created a wonderful vegetarian Shepard’s pie, that he adapted from the Moosewood Enchanted Broccoli Forest. Lindsay made the cranberries and pear & cranberry pie. David made green beans with bacon. Steve and Sam made stuffing, turkey cooked with bacon on the skin and an English trifle. A great time was had by all. Here are some snippets of the evening, will post some of the recipes soon.

The lovely place settings.

Steve pouring champagne.

The spread.

Joey’s plate (note the bacon that topped the turkey!).

  1. Dr. H. L. Mandrake said:

    Please send me the contact information for this strapping young man– I would like to hire a manservant for an event I will be hosting for the Annual Taxidermy Society meeting, of which I am the president.


    Dr. H. L. Mandrake, Esq, DDS, RD, RAdm.

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