Taco salad, Malawi style

I have been on a taco salad kick lately. While driving to Cleveland for the holidays, and multiple times on that trip, I wanted and then consumed taco salads. Upon my arrival in Malawi in January after 25+ hours of travel, my lovely housemates were making taco salad. We took turns cooking meals for the guest house, and when it was my turn I chose to make a taco salad spread! So when you are in Malawi, or other similar places, tortilla chips may be hard to come by. As such, tomato Fritos stood in. In addition, you may end up spending $3 on taco seasoning, which I usually would abhor using, as I’m in to making my own seasoning mixes (without MSG). You also may find a bug crawling out of your (already cleaned and dried) lettuce, making you want to wash it 5 times and with soap for two of those times. Those things of course, didn’t happen to me 🙂

In brief, I browned ground beef with the taco seasoning until cooked and served with a plethora of goodies including (avocado, tomato, cheese and green leaf lettuce) and some stand-ins such as plain yogurt for sour cream and Fritos for tortilla chips. We also had a wonderful homemade ranch dressing made with a Hidden valley ranch packet that my house-mates brought back from the US. I also concocted a wonderful salsa with tomato, red onion, jalapeno pepper and seasoned with salt and pepper. It was a wonderful meal!! Too bad my stomach was unhappy from drinking bad water or eating something that didn’t sit well (requiring a full course of antibiotics). C’est la vie.


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