Note, this post is not about food.. it is about sustenance while hiking. We hiked the Grand Canyon over the holiday, and oh my it is grand! We hiked down to the Bright Angel campground on the South Kaibab trail and then returned to the South Rim the next day via the Bright Angel trail, a 9 mile uphill hike at >10% grade. The sights were fabulous! While hiking we consumed usual hiker food such as beef jerkey, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, power bars, and trail mix. At the bottom of the canyon, we were ravenous and immediately went to the Phantom Ranch canteen for snacks, postcards and card games. We then feasted! I had brought a dried beef stew, Joey brought packaged Indian food from whole foods, and our friends were geniuses.. They made dried mashed potatoes with peas and canned chicken. This was amazing and highly recommended!! For breakfast, we had oatmeal and eggs. And then we started our grueling 9 mile (7 hour) hike to the rim.

Here a a few photos from our trip, enjoy!

View on the hike down.


Drinking wine and playing hearts at the Phantom Ranch canteen.

Me on the hike back to the rim.